GEG Offers Over 50 Training Programs to Develop Team Members Professional Skills, Health and Safety amid COVID-19

May 12, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG” or “the Group”) considers its team members to be one of its most important assets. The Group is committed to enhancing team members’ wellbeing through the steady offering of diversified training, themed events and staff-support activities. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, GEG has increased the frequency and scale of trainings, and has been following COVID-19 prevention measures in all training venues. Recently, GEG offered training courses to raise the health, safety and virus prevention awareness of team members, as well as to help them excel in their professional skills and knowledge development in a safe and healthy environment. So far, more than 50 different training courses and events were organized, over 100,000 participation counts and more than 350,000 training hours will occur in April and May. As GEG continues to organize these trainings, by mid-2020, GEG expects to hold up to 100 corporate training events for our team members.

Two types of trainings were offered during this period: 1) skills and knowledge development trainings which were specifically targeted for operational team members from various departments such as Table and Electronic Games, Food and Beverage, Facilities Management Surveillance, Hotel Operations and Security, and aimed at enhancing their service delivery, safety, compliance and technical skills so that they can perform their role to the highest quality standards; and 2) broad-range programs. For the second type of training, courses on GEG’s mission, vision and values, health and safety, personal hygiene and wellbeing, workplace safety and professionalism were offered. To ensure team members’ wellbeing and health and safety during this period, GEG invited professional trainers to introduce stress relief activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi to our team members. The programs also promoted ethical decision making, corporate values such as integrity, teamwork and our Asian Heart service philosophy. Through organizing these comprehensive trainings, GEG hopes to develop and engage its team members to work together, learn from each other, and to strengthen the bond between them. Up to 100 GEG executives will also participate in the training activities in support of the team members. In addition, GEG fully complies with the Macau SAR Government’s policy on COVID-19 prevention and makes team members’ health and safety our top priority. During the training, all team members were required to maintain a 1-meter distance apart from each other, and as a safety measure, GEG also provided alcohol-based hand gel, sanitized and disinfected all training venues on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, GEG continues to cooperate with the Labour Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”) on the Hotel and Catering Industry Safety Card Training Program by fulfilling its commitment to maintain a safe working environment for its team members. The safety card training, conducted by GEG’s DSAL-certified team members, is designed to improve team members’ awareness of the regulations, procedures and principles related to occupational safety and health. Team members from operational teams and departments such as Hotel, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Engineering and Table Games, are required to complete a six-hour program covering Macau’s occupational safety and health laws, electric and fire safety, safe use of work platforms, emergency procedures, prevention and handling of accidents and dangers, and more. Team members who complete the program and pass the exam are issued DSAL’s Hotel and Catering Industry Safety Cards, which are valid for five years. GEG expected that all of its team members will complete the training program due 2021. Currently over 9,000 team members have already completed the course with GEG targeting to have a further 3000 team members complete the program by June. Apart from the training classes held in the back-of-house area, GEG has also been providing online training for team members via different platforms, including the internal online learning system “GEGLearn”, LinkedIn Learning and Udemy. GEG has also been using online video conferencing to facilitate specialist training for its MICE sales Team from trainers based in Guangzhou. Furthermore, GEG frequently communicates information and tips related to virus prevention, health, wellness and mindfulness through its internal mobile application “GEG Buzz”, to raise the team members’ awareness of health and safety.

Over the years, GEG has proactively supported the talent development strategy of the Macau SAR Government by launching a variety of career development and training schemes, namely the GEG-MPI Gaming Position Certification, GEG Leaders Program, the GEG Management Skills Program and the GEG Accelerated Development Program. GEG hopes these innovative initiatives will give a boost to its team members as they scale to new heights in their careers, as well as support the development of Macau into a world center of tourism and leisure.