GEG Delivers Emergency Preparedness Talk to the Elderly with Various Government Departments and GEG Volunteers Distribute “Family Care” Kits to the Homes of the Elderly

June 23, 2020 – To prepare for Macau’s typhoon season, on the eve of the arrival of Typhoon Nuri, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) joined forces with the Public Security Police Force, the Social Welfare Bureau, and the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau of the Macau Special Administrative Government, and Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Service Center of Macau (“Peng On Tung”) in raising awareness for disaster preparedness by organizing an “Emergency Preparedness Talk” on how to evacuate from low-lying areas during major storms and typhoons for more than 60 Peng On Tung users and GEG Volunteers. Following the workshop, GEG arranged volunteers to visit the homes of the participating elderly and delivered disaster preparedness “Family Care” kits and other household supplies.

Held at the Community Services Center of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau, Mr. Ao Ieong Tak Pui, Senior Inspector of the Public Security Police Force; Mr. Fong Chi Chong, Inspector of the Public Security Police Force; Mr. Long Wai Hung, Chief of Emergency Resettlement Unit of Social Assistance Division of the Social Welfare Bureau; and Mr. Tam Chan Vai, Meteorologist of the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau shared weather-related knowledge with the participants and provided them with precautionary and safety tips for disaster prevention during storm surge. To raise the elderlies’ and GEG team members’ disaster preparedness, the workshop also introduced them to the location, facilities, services, assembly points and the opening system of Macau’s various emergency shelters. Besides, GEG also extended its care to the elderly by arranging its volunteers to help pack “Family Care” kits at the Macau Red Cross prior to the workshop. Consisting of face masks, towels, slippers, raincoats and other necessities, the “Family Care” kits were subsequently hand delivered by GEG volunteers to Peng On Tung users during the workshop’s post-event caring home visit.

Ms. Lam Sut Kam, Acting Manager of Peng On Tung, said, “The participants were enthusiastic. We received great feedback from elderly participants that they learned to improve emergency preparedness for typhoon through this talk. We really appreciate that the GEG Volunteer Team has supported us for many years. They are very attentive to our elderlies’ needs and have shown great respect and care for our elderlies.” This time, the elderly home visit attracted the participation of GEG volunteers from many different departments. Among them, Ms. Wong Pek Ha from the Table Games Department said, “This event was very meaningful and timely. GEG organized the workshop just before Typhoon Nuri arrived, so in addition to being able to participate in a community activity, I was also able to learn more about typhoons and how I can better prepare myself for the coming typhoon season.”

Throughout the years, GEG has been proactively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by organizing different volunteering activities and taking part in a wide range of community events. This year marked the 9th consecutive year that GEG had arranged volunteers to visit the elderly users of Peng On Tung tele-assistance services. Previously, GEG volunteers delivered festive gifts, anti-pandemic supplies and disaster prevention materials to the elderly. Besides, GEG also became the first integrated resort operator to support Peng On Tung’s Outdoor Assistance Services by making a commitment to sponsor those in need of this service, free access to it for three years. As a responsible corporation, GEG will continue to support and contribute to different social causes, encourage volunteerism, offer help to society’s minorities and promote mutual help and social harmony.