GEG and SCG Signs Safety Charter to Promote Occupational Safety and Health Awareness

July 2, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) proactively supports the Macau SAR Government’s policies on occupational safety and health (“OSH”) and actively promotes safety awareness at all its properties and construction sites. GEG and Shanghai Construction Group (Macau) Limited (“SCG”), a main contractor for GEG’s new development in Cotai, recently signed a Safety Charter formalizing both companies’ commitment to creating a safer work environment. Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of the Macau Labor Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”), attended the signing ceremony.

Under the witness of Mr. Wong, the charter was signed by Mr. Ling Kwai Chu, Vice President of Construction Management of Project Development of GEG, and Mr. Zhou Yidong, Project Director of SCG. Other guests in attendance included Mr. Chan Chon U, Acting Deputy Director; Ms. Lam Iok Cheong, Head of Occupational Safety and Health Department; Mr. Tam Hoi Keng, Functional Head; and Mr. Choi Hou Cheong, Senior Technician of DSAL, and Ms. Ada To, Assistant Senior Vice President of Human Resources Business Partners of GEG. In his speech, Mr. Wong said, “The signing of the Safety Charter is very meaningful. It will enhance the OSH awareness of all related stakeholders at the construction sites, encourage them to fulfil their responsibilities, and protect the safety and health of workers. More importantly, it will assist in promoting the OSH spirit in the industry.”

The Safety Charter defines practices and values which underpin occupational health and safety, with the objective of continually optimizing safety measures. In addition, the charter defines all stakeholders’ commitment to maintaining open communications on safety and maintaining a safe workplace. GEG has been supporting the different OSH promotion activities held by SCG in order to constantly enhance the safety of work environments and build a strong safety culture. GEG will work proactively with SCG and its sub-contractors to fulfil the spirit and social responsibilities of the charter.

GEG values its team members as one of its most important assets and continually strives to provide a safe and comfortable workplace for all its team members. Under the witness of DSAL representatives, GEG’s flagship properties Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel signed the Occupational Safety and Health Charter in 2015 and 2018, respectively. In addition, GEG has rolled out the DSAL Workplace Safety Training Program, with the aim of having all of its team members complete the Program by 2021. In the meantime, GEG’s Occupational Safety and Health Committee has implemented a long list of safety measures to protect the health and wellbeing of each and every team member. Among these measures is a system that proactively encourages team members to report potential hazards before problems arise.