GEG Promotes Occupational Safety and Health Awareness through Exercise and Stretching Workshop

July 23, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been proactively organizing various activities to build a strong culture of occupational safety and health (“OSH”). As a part of the “GEG Cotai New Development Occupational Health & Safety Promotion Series”, GEG recently invited a professional fitness trainer from Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (“SKH”) to carry out stretching exercises with over 100 construction workers of GEG’s new development project in Cotai, during which GEG raised awareness for OSH and promoted a healthy work culture among its construction workers.

As part of the “GEG Cotai New Development Occupational Health & Safety Promotion Series”, the stretching workshop was especially tailored for construction workers. During the workshop, the SKH trainer introduced and demonstrated some simple stretching and yoga exercises that the construction workers can practice during their rest breaks to prevent muscle strain, reduce fatigue and related injuries. Additionally, all participants maintained a 1-meter distance apart from each other as a safety measure. Following the lead of the fitness trainer, the participating workers enthusiastically enjoyed the workshop.

To prevent dehydration and heatstroke during the summer, GEG regularly provides food and drinks for construction workers and reminds them to keep hydrated. On the day of the workshop, GEG also provided energy drinks for them. Most of the construction workers who participated in the workshop said that the stretching exercises they learnt were effective for relieving back, shoulder and knee pains; and that they believed that performing stretches on a regular basis could help reduce fatigue and improve their overall health.

GEG values the well-being of its team members and has been proactively developing a decent OSH culture in the workplace. Recently, GEG and the Shanghai Construction Group (Macau) Limited formalized both companies’ commitment to creating a safer work environment by signing a Safety Charter for GEG’s new development project in Cotai. Besides, in the first half of 2020, GEG delivered a wide range of training courses and activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi workshops, to help develop team members’ professional skills and OSH awareness. In the future, GEG will continue to promote a healthy work-life balance and facilitate the physical and mental well-being of its team members.