GEG Continues to Hold DSAL “Hotel and Catering Occupational Safety Card” Training for Team Members

October 14, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) supports the Macau SAR Government’s measures on promoting occupational safety and health (“OSH”). Since 2018, GEG has been cooperating with the Labour Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”) on launching a Hotel and Catering Occupational Safety Card (“Safety Card”) Training Program designed to improve team members’ awareness of OSH and create a safe workplace. Since the launch of the program, GEG has expanded the training to include all of its team members, and expects that all team members will complete the training by 2021. So far, more than 15,000 team members have completed the program with over 120,000 training hours offered.

GEG has also engaged its management team so as to fulfil its commitment to enhance team members’ wellbeing and to promote a company-wide OSH culture. Earlier, Mr. Robert Drake, Group Chief Financial Officer of GEG; Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG; Mr. Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer – Macau of GEG; Mr. Richard Longhurst, Director of Operations of Galaxy Macau™ and Director of Gaming Development and Optimization Services of GEG; and Mr. Andy Lee, Deputy Director of Operations of StarWorld Hotel, joined 120 team members for the Safety Card training in support of the program’s aim at conveying the importance of creating a culture for workplace safety.

Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of DSAL, said, “To build a safe and healthy occupational environment, employees, employers and the government have to work together to promote OSH culture. We applaud GEG’s efforts in supporting and promoting the Safety Card program, and raising health and safety awareness among its team members so that they achieve the common goal of creating a safe and healthy work environment. We hope to see more companies working together on promoting OSH.” Ms. Eileen Lui said, “GEG considers team members’ health and safety our top priority, and has been actively supporting the government’s policies and guidelines on OSH through arranging a variety of training and activities aimed at deepening OSH knowledge and awareness among our team members, as well as creating a healthy and safe corporate culture.”

Catering to the different learning needs of its team members, GEG has assisted more than 200 team members on the setup of personal accounts on the government’s “Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR” platform so that they can access DSAL’s Safety Card e-learning platform. Meanwhile, GEG also uploaded Safety Card learning materials and multimedia resources to its internal e-learning system “GEGLearn” so that team members who cannot attend the in-class training can participate online through their smartphones or computers. The Safety Card training covers various topics, including OSH law in Macau, accident prevention, kitchen operation, forklift and working platform safety, conflict management, manual handling procedures, electricity & fire safety, good housekeeping for accident prevention, use of personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, prevention and handling of accidents and dangers, and more. Team members who complete the program and pass the exam are issued a Safety Card by DSAL, which is valid for 5 years.

Throughout the years, GEG has been emphasizing on the importance of promoting OSH.  GEG has set up an Occupational Safety and Health Committee to implement a long list of OSH measures that protects the health and wellbeing of each and every team member. Apart from the Safety Card training, GEG has also been working closely with DSAL in organizing different OSH-related activities and professional training, including the Hotel and Catering Chef Training Program and the Facility Maintenance Technical Training Program.  As well, GEG team members have also achieved encouraging results in the previous DSAL Catering Industry Occupational Safety and Health Program and the GHKM Safety Knowledge Competition.