GEG Holds U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program Award & Appreciation Ceremony

December 3, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) places great emphasis on our commitment to nurture local talent, and has been supporting local youth talent development in particular through a variety of initiatives. To support the Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (“DSAL”)’s “career experience” internship scheme, GEG launched the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program (“U-LEAD”) between August and November, which offered a three-month internship to fresh graduates referred by DSAL. These interns were provided with career-enriching self-development programs as well as a “SiFu-support” scheme for on the job training. These experiences helped the interns to gain self-confidence in planning their future careers with GEG. Today, GEG hosted an award and appreciation ceremony at the ballroom of Banyan Tree Macau to acknowledge the interns’ hard work and contribution during the internship. During the ceremony, attending guests included Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of DSAL, who praised the outstanding interns and encouraged them to continue to shine in their new careers at GEG. 

Other officiating guests included Mr. Chan Un Tong, Deputy Director of DSAL; Ms. Lei Lai Keng, Head of Employment Department of DSAL; Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG; Mr. Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer – Macau of GEG; Mr. Raymond Yap, Senior Director of International Premium and Mass Market Development of GEG; and other GEG executives. Mr. Wong Chi Hong said in his speech, “DSAL would like to thank GEG for providing tremendous support and assistance to the Career Experience Internship Scheme, and recruiting young talents with outstanding performance. We are very pleased to see that different parts of the community have joined forces to nurture local young talents and provide them with a variety of training and work experiences that can enhance their competitiveness in the workplace through the internship scheme.” Ms. Eileen Lui said in her speech, “GEG is very grateful to DSAL for establishing the career experience internship scheme and supporting us in launching U-LEAD. Through the program, we successfully recruited a number of positive, diligent and courageous fresh graduates. The cooperation created wins for the government, the employer and the employees.” After that, DSAL presented a certificate to GEG as a recognition to GEG’s support of DSAL’s Career Experience Internship Scheme. 

During the award and appreciation ceremony, five outstanding interns were presented with awards recognizing them for their Individual Mission Project as part of the internship program. The theme of the project was for interns to identify ways to improve the current operations through enhancing the guest experience or improving the efficiency of the operation. A short film was also presented, showing the key highlights of the three-month internship journey from both the eyes of the interns as well as the SiFu’s. Two interns also took the opportunity to share what they learnt on stage, and said that as fresh graduates, their internship experience at GEG was most practical and meaningful, and gave them a strong foundation to build their future career. Meanwhile, two “SiFus” also encouraged the interns to continue to strive for professional excellence, constant improvement, and to create a bright future for themselves. 

Since May, GEG began the careful planning of U-LEAD which provides internship opportunities within departments ranging from Hospitality, Gaming, Facilities Management, Design & Development to Corporate departments, so that interns can obtain work experiences and develop their professional skills within a short timeframe. In addition to daily work experience, the program integrated theory with practice, and each intern was required to attend up to 200 hours of corporate, departmental and on-the-job training; OSH training that GEG also provides for current team members; and various other trainings that helped the interns with their personal skills and career development through a deeper understanding of GEG’s values and “Asian Heart” service philosophy. In addition, the “SiFu-support” scheme allowed for experienced team members or department heads from different GEG departments, to individually coach and guide the interns. 

GEG values local talent cultivation, and has been working closely with the local universities and institutions to provide a variety of training and internship opportunities to support local talent development. Since 2008, GEG has provided professional and diversified internship opportunities for local youth. Moving forward, GEG will continue to support local talent initiatives and the sustainable development of the integrated resort industry.