GEG Achieved ISO 45001 Accreditation in Occupational Safety and Health Management

February 22, 2021 – Attaching great importance to the occupational safety and health (“OSH”) of its properties and team members, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively promotes and manages OSH using globally recognized management strategies and standards. Recently, GEG obtained the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (“ISO 45001”) certification, and became the only company in Macau to achieve an OSH standard that covers its entire business scope and large workforce. Throughout the years, GEG has organized a variety of training courses, activities, competitions and roadshows to raise the OSH awareness among its team members, and build a safe, comfortable and pleasant workplace with them.

“Plan to prevent” has always been the core concept of GEG’s OSH risk management strategy. Being the only company in Macau to obtain an ISO 45001 that covers its corporate operations, including its more than 20,000 team members and all its properties – Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and the three City Club Casinos, this certification recognizes GEG’s effort in promoting OSH and compliance with international OSH standards. To strengthen its OSH initiatives, in 2019, GEG has established a Workplace Health and Safety Steering Committee (“WHS Steering Committee”) that is led by the management team including Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration; and Mr. Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer – Macau of GEG, and oversees the overall OSH strategy of the company. As well, GEG also established a “Workplace Health and Safety Team” (“WHS Team”) that manages the communication of OSH measures and monitors the OSH situation between the properties. Members from both the WHS Steering Committee and the WHS Team are pleased with GEG’s achievement of the ISO 45001, and thank all team members for contributing to GEG’s impressive OSH performance.

As one of the companies that have signed the Occupational Safety and Health Charter with the Labour Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”), GEG actively supports the Macau SAR Government’s OSH policies and implements a number of measures to promote awareness at the back-of-house areas of its properties, such as by pinning posters on team member notice boards, installing warning signs, and broadcasting in-house OSH-related videos at the staff canteens and back-of-house areas. In addition to providing team members with a comfortable and healthy workplace, GEG organizes regular OSH activities and competitions through the Staff Social Club and the Team Member Services to promote team members’ work-life balance. In addition, GEG continuously improves the safety and health of guests though feedback and comments collected through various channels such as questionnaires, emails and social media platforms. Since 2018, GEG have been cooperating with DSAL on launching a Hotel and Catering Occupational Safety Card Training Program. So far, over 90 percent of team members who completed a 6-hour training course on Macau’s OSH laws and knowledge, and passed a final exam, were issued a Hotel and Catering Occupational Safety Card by DSAL.

Apart from training and promoting OSH culture to its team members, GEG also participates in and organizes different OSH activities and competitions, including the GHKM Safety Knowledge Competition, DSAL Catering Industry Occupational Safety and Health Program, and Environmental, Health and Safety (“EHS”) seminars for its team members. The 2020 Workplace Health & Safety Online Quiz attracted more than 200 team members from different departments to take part. With quiz materials covering an array of OSH topics, the quiz aimed at enhancing the OSH knowledge and awareness of team members. An award ceremony was held in late 2020 to recognize the outstanding performance of the participating team members, and also to encourage them to continue to improve GEG’s OSH performance.

Released in 2018, ISO 45001 is the first international standard for OSH. This certification provides GEG with a management framework on improving guests, team members and suppliers’ safety, the health and well-being of GEG team members, and enables GEG to continuously improve its OSH performance. GEG’s flagship property - Galaxy Macau, obtained the OHSAS 18001 certificate in 2015 before obtaining the ISO 45001. Looking ahead, GEG will continue to optimize its facilities, eliminate occupational risk, and create a safe and pleasant environment for its team members and guests.