GEG and AJVM Hold Family Activity to Celebrate the Lantern Festival and Promote Responsible Gaming

March 1, 2021 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) proactively promotes responsible gaming to its team members and the public by supporting and organizing various activities. To celebrate the Lantern Festival, recently, GEG and the Macau Youth Volunteer Association (“AJVM”) co-organized a family activity where over 50 parents and children were invited to Broadway Macau™ for a celebration. During the activity, participants made tangyuan, solved lantern riddles, played responsible gaming-themed booth games with GEG and AJVM and enjoyed the traditional festivity with their family. Through this event, GEG hopes to raise the participants’ responsible gaming awareness and promote family harmony.

The event was held at Hang Heong Un, one of Macau’s renowned Chinese dessert shops. Family members joined a tangyuan workshop where they made and ate the traditional dessert in celebration of the Lantern Festival. In addition, they also played the booth games and solved the prize-giving lantern riddles that GEG’s responsible gaming team and AJVM had prepared. Since the games required the teamwork of parents and children, GEG believes that the event provided participants with a fun and relaxing environment to learn responsible gaming concepts and practice family management. Aligned with GEG’s commitment to support the development of Macau’s local small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”), GEG invited Hang Heong Un to collaborate on this CSR event with aims of further promoting the brand to the younger generation as most of the participating families were three-generation families. To help the participating families capture the moment, GEG volunteers also attended and assisted the families in taking photos.

Mr. Austin Vong, President of The Youth Volunteer Association of Macao said, “In addition to celebrating the traditional Lantern Festival, we want to deliver important financial management and responsible gaming concepts to the participants through games. We thank GEG for co-organizing this activity with us and for working with us on promoting responsible gaming. Chinni Ho, a child who participated in the event said, “The Lantern Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in our culture. I am very happy to be here to make tangyuan and play booth games with my father, mother and grandmother. I also learnt new knowledge of money management. It is really interesting.”

In response to the annual theme of the Macau SAR Government’s responsible gaming promotion in 2020, GEG has been collaborating with different social service organizations on of the launch of different activities aimed at promoting responsible gaming and family harmony. Activities including roadshows, training, workshops and quizzes have been held to deepen team members’ understanding of correct responsible gaming behavior. In addition, GEG has also supported the Bosco Youth Service Network, the Macao Catholic Family Advisory Council and the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office and co-organized a variety of family workshops to promote responsible gaming information in the past year. In the future, GEG will continue to follow the Macau SAR Government’s policies and strategies on responsible gaming, and promote responsible gaming to the wider community.