GEG Launches IR-LEAD Career Diversification Program

June 17, 2021 – Committed to supporting the Macau SAR Government’s policies on local talent cultivation, GEG endeavors to facilitate team members’ upward and horizontal mobility. In this spirit, GEG has launched the IR-LEAD Career Diversification Program, which is based on the company’s previous training and career development programs. IR-LEAD is a voluntary program designed for gaming team members and aims to help participants to obtain cross-departmental work experience, enhance their professional skills, and increase their competitiveness at work. Through the program, GEG also hopes to cultivate talent for its new developments in Cotai, as well as for Macau’s broader integrated resort industry. Earlier, GEG held a series of activities at its properties to introduce team members to the program; the roadshows, open day and a career planning day were all well-received. 

IR-LEAD officially kicked off with an opening ceremony at Galaxy Macau™ to welcome the more than 20 team members selected as the first batch of participants. Combining both training and practice, the intensive and focused program will give participants work experiences in various areas of the hospitality sector, such as front desk, food & beverage, housekeeping, transportation and environmental services. Participants will gain nearly 800 hours of experience in on-the-job training, presentation skills, problem solving, management skills, computer software skills and more. In addition, GEG will sponsor participants to enroll in the professional certificate programs provided by the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies in hopes of deepening participants’ knowledge of the industry. The program includes a Sifu-Support Scheme and a Buddy-Support Scheme, which will allow participants to work in groups so that they can grow together with their colleagues under the guidance of experienced team members or department heads. With the upcoming new development opportunities, participants who complete the program can choose their career direction, including vertical and/or lateral moves, to develop their potential. 

Long in preparation, IR-LEAD is tailored to gaming team members who aim for a horizontal career move. Prior to the program’s launch, GEG held a series of internal activities to help team members who were interested in the program to make a decision best fitting their career aims. Through the activities, they not only got to know the non-gaming operations of an integrated resort but also had opportunities to explore the career pathways of related job positions. For example, multi-day roadshows were held in the back-of-house areas of Galaxy Macau and StarWorld Hotel to provide team members with information on various horizontal development opportunities. During an open day, team members toured the service and back-of-house areas of different departments. Guided by representatives from various departments, participants learned about work environments and daily operations. The department representatives offered participants insights into the development prospects of different job positions. Following team members’ applications, GEG also arranged for them to participate in a career planning day where they were provided professional advice on their questions related to horizontal development in hopes of boosting their confidence to start a new chapter of their career. 

Meanwhile, GEG also launched several short-term sub-programs lasting one to six months to allow more team members to explore their cross-departmental talents based on their interests and the businesses’ needs. GEG will be extending the program to more departments and providing a wider range of training positions in order to equip more team members with the skills needed to excel in the IR industry, help them explore their talents and interests, and cultivate more local talent for Macau’s IR industry.

GEG values its team members and supports lifelong learning through a variety of career development and training schemes, including the GEG Leaders Program, the GEG Management Skills Program, the GEG Accelerated Development Program, and the GEG-MPI Gaming Position Certification. In addition to providing internal training, GEG also encourages team members to continue their formal education. The company provides support to outstanding team members pursuing the Diploma in Casino Management or the Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management at the University of Macau. GEG hopes that these initiatives will bring its team members to new career heights. Going forward, GEG will continue to provide training and career development opportunities, strengthen talent cultivation in the IR industry, and support Macau in developing as a World Center of Tourism and Leisure.