GEG Co-Organizes Emergency Preparedness Talk for "Peng On Tung" Elderly with Various Government Departments

June 22, 2021 – Adhering to the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) works closely with various social service organizations in spreading care for the community. To increase the public’s disaster awareness and preparedness, recently, GEG joined forces with the Unitary Police Service, the Public Security Police Force, the Social Welfare Bureau and the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau of the Macau SAR Government on organizing the Emergency Preparedness Talk for 50 users of the Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Service (“Peng On Tung”) and GEG volunteers. This is the third consecutive year that GEG has co-organized the talk with the related government departments. Focused on helping participants get better prepared for Macau’s typhoon and rainy season, the talk provided the participants with important disaster preparedness information related to typhoons and other emergency situations. In addition, GEG also distributed pamphlets with typhoon evacuation plans and shelter information to team members at its back-of-house areas to help promote emergency preparedness. 

Held at the Community Services Center of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau, the talk was delivered by Mr. Ip Pak Sam, Senior Inspector, and Mr. Tang Chi U, Firefighter, of the Unitary Police Service; Mr. Ao Ieong Tak Pui, Senior Inspector, and Mr. Fong Chi Chong, Inspector, of the Public Security Police Force; Mr. Kuan Chi Man, Officer of Emergency Resettlement Unit of Social Assistance Division of the Social Welfare Bureau; Ms. Wong Hao In, Meteorologist, and Mr. Cheong Ka Hou, Technician, of the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau. During the talk, the speakers provided participants with precautionary and safety tips for disaster prevention during storm surge, which included the Civil Protection Law, evacuation plans and routes, as well as information regarding the location, facilities and supplies of Macau’s various emergency shelters so that the participants know how to respond promptly to typhoon emergencies. In addition, GEG extended its care to the elderlies by arranging its volunteers to help explain and recap the information that was delivered as well as to distribute “Family Care” kits that consist of various necessities to them. 

Ms. Lam Sut Kam, Acting Manager of Peng On Tung, said, “The talk helped increase the elderlies’ safety awareness and allows them to share what they have learnt with their families and friends so that more people in the community have access to useful information on disaster awareness and preparedness. We thank GEG for its immense and long-time support to the users of Peng On Tung service. In addition to the talk, GEG has provided mutual help and support by also organizing their volunteers to visit our service users regularly and providing our users with different kinds of support.” 

Since 2019, GEG has organized the Emergency Preparedness Talk in conjunction with the related government departments to educate the community and its team members in hopes of increasing their alertness in emergency response. To allow more team members to learn about information related to emergency preparedness and encourage them to get well prepared for the typhoon season, recently, GEG obtained related pamphlets from the related government departments and distributed them to team members at the back-of-house areas of Galaxy Macau™. The pamphlets included "Storm Surge Evacuation Plan for Low-lying Areas during Typhoon", "Signal Alarm for Evacuation for Higher Areas and Low-lying Areas during Storm Surge” and "Emergency Refuge Centre". Over the years, GEG has been proactively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, and has organized a wide range of community activities and encouraged its team members to participate in order to offer help to the underprivileged groups in the community. In the future, GEG will continue to support and contribute to different social causes.